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The Scheme

Sarit runs a Loyalty & E-Purse scheme – the Sarit Value Card. Any shopper can become a “member” of the scheme by fulfilling the requirements specified in the membership eligibility section . Once a member, he/she is issued a Sarit Loyalty card and is entitled to earn Loyalty Points on the value of purchases made from the participating merchants. These points can be redeemed into value, as per pre-defined rules, to be used for further spend at the merchant outlets.

The Sarit Loyalty card and E-Purse system will be a community directed application wherein the participants will be the following:

  • Sarit centre shopper – the member

  • Sarit centre Retail tenants – the merchants

  • Sarit Promotions and Exhibitions Limited, the Sarit centre Administration – the owners of the scheme

Loyalty Points on Sarit Value Card

Loyalty Point is the reward to the customer, against purchase from the Merchant outlets. Usually 1 Loyalty Point is awarded against purchase of every Kshs 100. At the Petrol station 1 Loyalty point is awarded for every 200 Kshs purchase.